Quebec City, Aug 22, 2017 -The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) calls on governments to address the lack of access to insured health coverage for all residents of Canada, regardless of their immigration status.  The motion was introduced at the CMA' General Council Meeting in Quebec City on August 22nd, 2017.

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Newcomers arrive in Canada healthy. Within 5 years their health declines.


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The goal of the TOgether Healthier campaign is to raise awareness of Newcomer Health and Health Equity issues for the City of Toronto, promoting the philosophy that health is not only an issue of the individual but affects all members of this city.  Healthy individuals means a healthy city.

Newcomer Health

Newcomers face more barriers to health services than longer-term immigrants and significantly less access than Canadian-born residents.  The key barriers to access can be addressed by developing policies and programs through a newcomer lens.

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TOgether Healthier needs your help to get momentum going on a conversation about newcomer health! Voice your opinion, concern, or support by:        · using #togetherhealthier

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2.  Learn more about Health Equity

Find out more information about health equity, newcomer health and the social determinants of health that will keep our city strong, vibrant and prosperous.